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ASU's TripCheck™ - An exciting new service that helps you find Non-Rev seats easier.

With this easy online tool you can now:
  • Determine standby availability on 130 airlines
  • Select desired flights and keep track
  • Designate back up flights
  • Receive hourly status alerts by text message* or email
  • Determine Zed Fares for each flight
  • Access airline reservation phone numbers
No more waiting on hold with the airlines to determine your chances of getting on a flight. Or constantly checking your computer to check your booking as it gets closer to departure!

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Using TripCheck, airline employees flying stand-by can now easily determine which flights might be available to them. Simply enter the date and time of desired departure and select up to three airlines. If you select no airlines all available airlines will be shown. TripCheck comes back with Passenger Seat Availability (PSA) for flights that match your details. It shows you the seats available to sell by the airline. You can then select which flight you'd like to take and select two backup flights. You can also create multiple itineraries and save them for later access. Contact information for flights is provided for checking in. Then you get email or cell phone updates from 24 hours to one hour before departure. It's that easy!

Here are the New Features on TripCheck:

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We now have actual seat numbers, instead of a status that says "Great" or "Poor"! These numbers are the same numbers that airlines send to the travel industry to sell their flights.

Whenever you see 9 or 7 seats available, that means you have a good chance of boarding. The numbers 9 and 7 are used to indicate the maximum number of seats available for sale and almost always means there are more. For example, United usually uses 9 as their max, where as Alaska tends to use 7.

This number is set by each individual airline based on a number of factors. Basically though, if you see 9 or 7, there are plenty more seats for sale and there's a great chance you can board with a non-rev ticket.

If you see any other number, that is the exact number of seats left to sell. From there, you can judge your chances accordingly. Be sure to call the airline before leaving for the airport to check for last minute changes.

Another new function we have added is an easy way to change the details of your flight search.

Before, if you wanted to look up the next day, change the time you wanted to fly, or even specify the number of stops or connections on your flight, you would have had to start your search over. Now, all you have to do is click the options up at the top! This makes TripCheck just that much more convenient to use.

Lastly, in the case there aren't any flights you like on the first page, there is now an easy way to look at the next set of flights based on their time of departure.

At the bottom of every list is the "Next" button. Clicking this button will automatically pull up the flights that are scheduled to depart after the set of flights you were just looking at. It's basically what the button says. Clicking "Next" brings up the next flights!

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