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 Choose from one of our three membership options -

  1. Website Travel Discounts
  2. TripCheck Membership
  3. Combination of both Website and TripCheck

Details on each of the memberships is listed below.

Eligibility for ASU Discounts 

  1. Current, retired or former airline employees
  2. Family members of above 

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 You'll need to sign in to the website under your member account, in order to renew your membership.

ASU Now Includes Identity Protection

Any ASU membership now includes Identity Theft Insurance from Identity Guard (US Residents only). When you join or renew for 1, 2 or 3 years, you will receive 1 year of Identity Guard for each year you renew. This applies to any membership type. This protection is provided at no extra charge. The protection will be in addition to all the travel discounts and services included in our ASU memberships.


ASU Membership Options

All memberships now include Identity Theft Protection (learn more)
To Receive 25% Discount, Use Promo Code  asu104
              25% Sale Pricing!
          Regularly   1 Year   2 Years    3 Years
 Use promo code asu104 for discount
Join Now     ASU's Website Travel Discounts   $40.00 yr   $29.95   $51.95   $65.95

    Discounted Hotels, Condos, 50% discount on all Cruise Lines, Cars, Tours, Dining, Theme Parks (Disney, etc) and much more. (TripCheck not included) 
 Use promo code asu104 for discount
    ASU's TripCheck Only Membership   $40.00 yr   $29.95   $51.95   $65.95

    Mobile & Desktop Access - Find Non Rev Seats on over 150 airlines world-wide, Available on Desktop, Laptop, both Apple and Android mobile Apps. ZED fares, flight status, airline phone #’s. System shows number of available seats by class as well as possibilities by color code. (Web Travel Discounts not included)
 Use promo code asu104 for discount
      ASU's Website and TripCheck - Combo
  $74.00 yr   $54.95   $97.95   $121.95

    Website & TripCheck Access w/ Mobile - All Hotels, 50% discount on all Cruise Lines, Cars, Condos, Restaurants etc and TripCheck on the web and mobile both available. All included.


Click here to send us an e-mail or call us at 1-866-483-5056. Thanks in advance for your membership.  


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