Locate iPhone App on the iPad

How to Load the TripCheck APP on your iPad.  

When you search for an app on the app store with your iPad it will only return a listing of apps designed for iPad. So, you must look in the iPhone Apps. ASU designed it’s TripCheck App to work on both iPhone and iPad devices but you have to look in the iPhone store to find the app.  So read below, you will have no problem. 

1.    To include iPhone apps in the search, enter ASU Trips in the search field at in the search box in upper area of the iPad App Store.

2.    You will see “No results” printed on the screen.

3.    Then tap the “Filters“ link In far upper left of the screen and you will then get a dropdown screen.

4.    Then push, “iPad Only” text at the top of the dropdown screen to right of Supports.

5.    Select “iPhone Only.”

6.    This will now expand the search to display both iPhone and universal apps in the results. You will now see all the iphone apps meeting the search criteria that you entered. 


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