Interline Eligibility Guidelines for Oceania Cruises

- Active airline employees and their spouse, dependent children and parents
- Retired airline employees (including those retired from now-defunct airlines)
- Friends/companions sharing stateroom accommodations with active or retired airline employees.
- Employees of Cargo Carriers (e.g. FedEx), National Air Traffic Controller's Association, National Pilots Association

If a qualified Interline Employee is traveling, they can bring friends along as well for the same interline price in a separate stateroom

Must be a new reservation booked inside of 90 days of sailing. Must be traveling with a qualified Interline employee. Cannot cancel and rebook an existing reservation to get the interline rate. All other Interline terms and conditions apply.

Oceania Cruises requires proof of Interline Rate Eligibility immediately upon confirmation of your booking. Without proof of qualified interline eligibility, Oceania Cruises reserves the right to automatically adjust the price to the applicable retail rate prior to departure