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"I spent hours before I had TripCheck, trying to determine if there was a chance to get on the flight and with TripCheck it took only minutes." J. Johnson

"I just used TripCheck and it worked on my Delta Flights today from BOS to ATL. YEAH! What a great and much appreciated tool for standbys. Thanks so very much." R. McKee

"I have had a great experience with TripCheck on my computer but I absolutely love the mobile app for my iPhone. While waiting for a flight another airline cancelled a flight and my flight filled up. I saw this on my app and was able to get on the list for another flight before others. Saved the day. Thank you for this great addition." C. Kaufman

"The new TripCheck is even better, they now allow you to exclude code share flights, see only non stops, show the Zed fares for all routes, show airline res numbers, see the last 5searches and you can save itineraries along with all the regular features. Can't live without it."  J. Mulloy
How do you get your data?

We obtain data from Sabre® global distribution system and we look at how many seats are still for sale on that flight. We then interpret that data, put into our complex formulas to determine the Passenger Seat Availability class for that flight.

What airlines do you provide the seat information for?

We get the seat availability info for over 150 airlines around the world. To see a complete list of all the airlines we have available, click here

Why is there no seat availability information for Southwest Airlines (WN)?

Southwest Airlines has opted out of providing their seat information through the Sabre® system we use. However, we do show their flight and contact information, so you may contact them directly for seat availability.

Does your system take into account the number of Non Rev's listed for a flight?

No it does not. We are unable to determine exactly how many Non Rev's are listed or are checked in for a flight as all airlines do NOT release this data. The seat availability category is based solely on the number of seats still available for sale for that flight.

What do the different category colors mean?

This flight is the best option. It has plenty of open seats and your best chance of getting on.
This flight is looking better for non reving. It has open seats, but could still be a problem if every passenger shows up and you are low on the standby list.

This flight is either sold out or has just a few open seats, but once again your odds are not that great unless you are on top of the standby list.

What exactly are ZED fares? And what does Low, Medium or High mean?

ZED stands for Zonal Employee Discount. In short, it is an agreement between airlines that permits airline employees to travel on another carrier at a discounted rate. Specific agreements between airlines determine whether you have to pay the Low, Medium or High level ZED fare.

How do I find out the level of my ZED fare on a given flight?

The level of your ZED fare depends on arrangements between your airline and the airline you plan to fly on. Typically, you can find this information on your airlines' company website.

After we find the flight we want to take, what should we do next?

First, you need to have your authorization from your airline to travel on that chosen airline. Then you should call your chosen airline at the number listed to the right of the flight on Tripcheck and list those traveling.ASU doesn't directly book flights through TripCheck. You have to list yourself as an authorized employee or dependent of your airline.

What do I do about return flights? How do I know the status of my flight after a certain period of time?

You can put in an itinerary for your return trip and if you have given us either your phone number or email, our system will notify you on your phone or inbox as to the status. You can also log back into ASU while on the trip from any computer connected to the internet and check your saved itineraries for up-to-date seat availability.
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ASU is an over 40 year old company focused on travel and lifestyle related services, Exclusively for current and former airline employees and their families. ASU has performed a wide range of services over the years for this group including retail stores in airports for employees, introduced rolling suitcases to airlines and the public, published the largest airline employee publication in the world, The ASU Travel Guide, introduced TripCheck application listing available seats on over 150 airlines, provides a travel website showcasing discounts in over 150,000 hotels, 50,000 condos, 2 million vacation properties, cruise discounts, car rentals, theme parks, restaurants and much more. Our total focus is on airline employees.

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